Matt/Beo (mattbeo) wrote,

Hi, all:

Thanks so much for all of your good wishes re: Ilana and Benjamin's birth, and sorry I've disappeared for six months!

This post is not (primarily) about family, but an effort to match a colleague at work with a Mystery Hunt team. I'm not solving and so can't recruit him, but I'm hoping some readers of this post will be interested in bringing him aboard. If so, please let me know via a comment and I'll forward his contact information. N.B.: he was actually even more enthusiastic about finding a team after I described the 67-hour 2003 Hunt to him. He summarizes his interests/skills thus:

I have an educational background in Mathematics and Applied Physics. Passion for solving Puzzles and strong analytical skills. I am currently working as an architect in an IT firm. I have good understanding of computer science fundamentals, good knowledge of various data crunching techniques. I used to run an informal quiz club in past for my company. I can bring my laptop.

It would be remiss of me to post nothing related to the twins, so I'll close with this picture from early November:

Benjamin is on the left, Ilana on the right.
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