Matt/Beo (mattbeo) wrote,

Another post about my company

My company is busy nowadays.
There is more buzz about us lately, thanks
In no small part to this Globe article
Together with a post on GigaOm.
We've got more users, too, which makes us glad,
Though not as happy as we still could be!
We think that what we're offering is neat
And want a lot of folks to try it out.

So: if you use your mobile phone to send
Or get text messages and think you'd like
Some correspondents with insider cred
To text you timely blurbs re: cool events
Based on a place and topic of your choice
(Or more than one, if you are so inclined)
For free (apart from the per-message charge
That may be standard on your cell-phone plan)
Please visit eight oh one oh eight dot com
And check us out. We're in a pilot phase
And want to learn what users think of us,
What we do well and what we need to fix.

(For your indulgence, thanks. Non-work verse soon.)
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